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Pirates Cave

Korsanlar Sea CaveThe boat that you have boarded at the harbour goes around the pier which is 500m long. It goes close to the land so that you can see the shipyard, Tophane Tower, Cavir harbour which is a small harbour for fishermen, Tophane vicinity, Esat Tower and walls of the castle. When we reach to the front end of the castle we move towards west and we reach to the entrance of Korsanlar Cave. Its entrance is towards southeast. If our boat is small enough to enter the cave you can either enter with the boat or you can enter by swimming. Inside the cave it looks like a wide hall and its ceiling is seven or eight meter high. If you want you can sit for a while and have a rest inside of the cave. In ancient times it was used as a depot for pirates' booties. They even used to hide the girls that they had kidnapped. According to a story there was a connection between the cave and the castle and with this passageway pirates used to send girls and booties to the castle. But it's said that the passageway collapsed and became closed.

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