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The Lovers’ Cave

The Lovers’ Cave 889After Korsanlar Cave you move around the castle and reach to Asiklar Cave. It's not possible to enter this cave with a boat as the entrance of the cave is three or four meter high from the surface of the sea. People who are brave enough climb till the entrance and enter the cave. This cave is like a tunnel inside the Cilvarda Promontory. Alanya Castle is on Cilvarda Promontory. The cave is 50 or 60 meters long. At the end of the tunnel we reach to the exit of the cave which is higher than the entrance. You can feel the rising ground anyhow while you're walking inside of the cave. While you are walking inside the cave your boat goes around Cilvarda Promontory and when you exit from the cave you will see the boat waiting for you. To reach the boat you need to jump into the sea from the exit of the cave which is five or six meters high. Asiklar Cave used to host lovers in old times. The word "Asiklar" means lovers in Turkish. In 50's and 60's people used to look for the lovers who escaped from their families in this cave. After Asiklar Cave you go further towards north and while watching the castle you can see the small church, the mint and the hurling platform. While going further with a great excitement you'll come across a cave which is similar to Korsanlar Cave. You can enter this cave with your boat also.


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