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Kadıini Cave ( Çatak )

Kadıini Cave ( Çatak ) 887This cave is one of the first homes of humanity in Alanya. This cave is in Catak district on the border between Oba Town (15km far from Alanya) and Bademagaci Village. When you go to this district you arrive to the entrance of the cave by walking from a steep but short way. While watching thousands of years old traces inside and outside of the cave, you can get lost in thoughts. After having a little rest you can enter and look over the cave as far as possible. I said as far as possible because it's really dark inside the cave. When I was a teacher I and my friends tried to go further inside the cave with torches. But even those torches couldn't illuminate the depths of the cave. So we decided to turn back. Even though it's not possible to go further inside the cave its entrance and the big cavity after the entrance are worth to see.

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