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The Caves İn Alanya

While explaining the history of Alanya I mentioned the Kadiini Cave. This cave is one of the first homes of humanity. The investigations and observations that Prof. Dr. Kilic Kökten made in 1957 confirmed this information. The cave is in Catak district which is like a border between Oba Town and Bademagaci Village. It has a very beautiful road. While driving on this road gorgeous mountain views are to be seen. After arriving, eat delicious trout and shish kebab in picnic places next to Oba Creek. While sitting in one of those picnic places the entrance of the cave which is 100 or 150m far from there can be seen. Climbing to this cave is a little bit difficult but I strongly recommend it. Fossils and skeletons that are found in this cave by members of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine were sent to America for further investigation. This incident is a proof of this cave's importance.


Dim Cave Dim Cave
It's the second biggest cave of Turkey. Its height above sea level is nearly same with the height of Alanya Castle (240m). Its distance to the city center is 12km. The road to the cave is asphalt-paved road. Officially the cave was opened to local and international tourism in 1999, but...

Damlataş Cave Damlataş Cave
This cave was found by accident by a dynamite explosion which was done to open a stone quarry during the building of the harbour. People entered from that hole and were amazed by what they have seen. They closed the hole immediately and moved the explosions to another place. While all...

Kadıini Cave ( Çatak ) Kadıini Cave ( Çatak )
This cave is one of the first homes of humanity in Alanya. This cave is in Catak district on the border between Oba Town (15km far from Alanya) and Bademagaci Village. When you go to this district you arrive to the entrance of the cave by walking from a steep but...

Hasbahçe Cave Hasbahçe Cave

Pirates Cave Pirates Cave
The boat that you have boarded at the harbour goes around the pier which is 500m long. It goes close to the land so that you can see the shipyard, Tophane Tower, Cavir harbour which is a small harbour for fishermen, Tophane vicinity, Esat Tower and walls of the castle. When...

The Lovers’ Cave The Lovers’ Cave
After Korsanlar Cave you move around the castle and reach to Asiklar Cave. It's not possible to enter this cave with a boat as the entrance of the cave is three or four meter high from the surface of the sea. People who are brave enough climb till the entrance and...

Phosphorescent Cave Phosphorescent Cave

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