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Red Tower (kızıl Kule)

Aspect of Red Tower and Castle from the inside of the Red Tower In 1221 after he conquered Alanya, Alaaddin Keykubat charges Kettanizade Eburrahaoglu Halepli Ebu Ali to construct Kizilkule, which is the important part of the Alanya Fortress. The fortress is the biggest symbol of Turkish Maritime Reign. At that time Ebu Ali was expert on fortress and tower building. In 1215 he built the Sinop Fortress too. 5 years after the conquest of Alanya the construction of Kizilkule was completed. It is five storeyed, eight cornered and its height from the east side is 33m, and from the west side is 30 m.
Although the Red Tower is georgeous and has a military aspect, its door is very small. Whoever comes in cannot walk inside without bowing his head. When you enter from this small door please do not pass without seeing the tower's huge lock. The first floor is a museum which has the work of arts from Alanya and its neighborhood. On the first floor there is an octagonal water tank and at the same time it is the backbone of the tower.
Red Tower and Cruise ShipsRed Tower at night Now we can continue to the other floors through the 87 stairs. Every floor is unique. Some of them are for arrowing; some of them have battlements to pour hot oil over the enemies. When you go to the fourth floor you can see the opening of the water tank. On special days there are exhibitions at this floor and from the fifth floor you can enjoy the beautiful view of Alanya. There is a door from the tower to the fortress. In old times you could go safely from this door to the palace of the Sultan.This year the Directorate of Museum restorated the door.
Now let's look at the epigraphs in the tower."Ebür Rahaoğlu Halepli Abu Ali made this. God blesses him" is written on the epigraph above the small entrance. After this epigraph we can see another at the south side of the tower. "Son of Kiliçarslan, Greatest sultan Keyhusrevzade Keykubat made this tower constructed. God blesses his reign." There are two more epigraphs on the north side of the tower. You can see them by going there. Kizilkule was much damaged until 1948, but the Minister of Education at that time Hasan Ali Yücel, restored it.

Red Tower and fishermans
Red Tower
Red Tower and traveller ship
Aspect of the Red Tower  from the sky
Trees and Red Tower
Red Tower and Castle

Sanal Gezinti

Bulwark of Red Tower

Top of Red Tower

Red Tower Ethnograph Museum

Behind of Red Tower's rampart

Back Side of Red Tower

Red Tower front face and Harbour

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