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Alanya Ataturk House And Museum

The Alanya Ataturk House and Museum is located in Sekerhane Mahallesi on Azakoglu Street. The structure is a traditional Alanya house consisting of, three stories of wood and stonemasonry built on a symetrical plan in which "M all the rooms open onto a *J central sitting area. The date of construction is unknown, but the master builder, or usta, is said to have been a man named Beyri Usta.

The house, which was donated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by Mr. Rifat Azakoglu, was restored and opened to the public as the Ataturk House and Museum on April 30, 1987. Ataturk visited the home when he came to Alanya on February IX. 1935. and rested here for a time. On display on the first floor of the museum are photographs and personal effects of Ataturk brought from museum at Atatiirk"sAtatürk House Museum mausoleum in Ankara, as well as telegraphs sent by Ataturk to Alanya in his lifetime.Among the fifteen personal effects of Ataturk on display in the museum are a shirt and collar, a pair of socks, a flak jacket, a pair of pajamas, an ascot, a morning coat, a vest, a shoe brush, and a fork and knife set.

The rooms on the second floor are fitted with period furnishings and ethnographic objects representative of the traditions of the Alanya region. The period rooms represented on this floor include a bed room, a child"s room, a sitting room, a guest room, and a study.


Telegraph Messages Regarding Atatürk"s Visit to Alanya


Point of Origin: The passenger ship AEGEAN Date: February 17, 1935 Time: 17:57 Sender: RizaSOYAK

Destination: General Ismet InOnii - ANKARA "The weather and the sea are quite fine. Atattirk is in good spirits. As we left the Gulf of Izmir he changed his mind and ordered the ship to continue on to Alanya without calling at Antalya. We changed our lodging arrangements. According to our reckoning we should arrive in Alanya tomorrow night around midnight. Submitted respectfully."


Point of Origin: The torpedo boat ZAFER

Tarih: February 18, 1935

Time: 7:20


Destination: Prime Minister Ismet InOnli - ANKARA

*"I proceeded to Alanya without stopping anywhere."


Point of Origin: ANKARA

Date: February 18, 1935

Time: 11:00

Sender: Ismet Inonii

Destination: The torpedo boat ZAFER

"Thanks and regards for the notice of your safe arrival in

Alanya. Please accept my sincere wish that you will be

pleased with your visit."


Point of Origin: The torpedo boat ZAFER

Date: February 18, 1935

Time: 10:30

Sender: Celal ÜNVER

Destination: Prime Minister Ismet Inonii - ANKARA

"The entourage arrived in Alanya at 7:00. The toured the

city and saw everything. Not seeing any need to stay on

they have by now at 10:30 embarked for Antalya."


Point of Origin: ANTALYA

Date: February 18, 1935

Time: 21:40

Sender: Ekrem SEVENCAN

Destination: Prime Minister Ismet InOntl - ANKARA

"The President of the Republic ATATURK, having ordered the embarkation of the ship AEGEAN from Istanbul on the 16th of the month, passed the town of Çeşme yesterday at

18:00 hours with the torpedo boat Zafer escortinti. and proceeded in the direction of Alanya. The torpedo boat Zafer was followed by the torpedo boat Adatepe. The entourage arrived in Alanya at 7:00. After disembarking and staying for three hours they are now bound for Antalya in the same vessels."

Source: General Directorate of the Archives of the Prime



The original is on display here in the A (murk House and Museum. The telegraph was addressed by Atattirk to the people of Alanya and reads as follows: "Upon my arrival in Alanya and during the few hours that I spent there I was most pleased and touched the affection and hospitality ol the honorable people of Alanya. Having no reason to delay any longer 1 have departed, and see no need for further comment. 1 reiterate my affection for the people of Alanya and send mv ureclinirs." K. Atatürk.

Admission is free at the Alanya Atatürk House and Museum. Open every day except Monday. ADRESS: Şekerhane Mahallesi Azaklar Sokak Tel: (242) 5133254

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