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Aya Yorgi Church

Aya Yorgi Church in CastleThe church within the fortress is said to be dating back to the 11th century. Inside of the dome of the church there are still drawn figures of people belonging to that date. Even though it is much frayed, it still preserves its historical identity. The shrine also adds integrity to this historical building. Many churches can be found in this region.The largest is in the upper Tophane district and next to Alaaddin Keykubat School. (It was built in 1839 by the Greeks who lived in Alanya).



Hıdrellez ChurchThis place is like a border between Tepe Vicinity and Hacimehmetii Village. While going to Tepe Vicinity from city center the road turns to left in Sugozu Vicinity in Kocahasanli district. After driving through this road which is full of turns (3-4km) you arrive to Hidirellez. In this area there is a church, built in the1800's. In 1873 this church was repaired and some addings were made. It will be restored this year (2002) with the money from some foundations. The word Hidirellez is a compound name made with the combination of Hizir and llyas. Hizir is one of God's emissaries who drank water of life and became immortal. He helps people and spreads abundance, fruitfulness and health among people especially in spring time, llyas was one of God's prophets. He was sent as a prophet before Prophet Moses. People celebrate Hidirellez festival in 6th of May in everywhere. But in Alanya it's not only celebrated in 6th of May but also in every day of a year. This festival gains more importance for Alanya because there is a place with the same name. There is a myth about Hizir. There was a creek in a place today called Kirk Merdiven (in Cleopatra Beach). In ancient times daughters of Alanya's chieftains and kings were killed by a dragon which appeared suddenly in this creek. One day one of these mourning parents started to pray to God. At that moment, when the dragon came out from the water, a man with a white beard, white horse and in a heavenly light appeared. He sundered the dragon with his sword, saved the girl and disappeared. When he came to Hidireilez a shepherd saw this man and at that moment he disappeared. It's believed that this man is Hizir. That's why here is called Hidireilez. People who have desires come here and pray to God for their desires. You can find other approximately 20 sightseeing places in my other book "Alanya, Since Yesterday Until Today".

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