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Syedra Ruins

Syedra was settled on a hill which is on the border between Kargicak Town and Seki Village. It is at the east of the city center and 23km far from center. We should examine this historical city in two parts. The first part is the harbour part which is called Adatas district. It's the place from where everything, all food and all articles of clothing were transported to the housing area. Today you can only see Adatas. I guess if we explore underwater around Adatas we can find many valuable structures. We know that many structures on the beach got lost in the course of time. That's why examinations, investigations, researches and excavations should be done. At the west of Adatas there is a small church between the banana gardens. Next to this church there is fresh water on the seaside. It's known that until recently, fishermen were using this water. Now let's mention tne other part, the historical city. There are various roads that come here but there is a new road which is the best one. From 20th km of D400 highway with a hilly road after you pass Seki and Islakli Villages and Seki Primary School you reach the center of Syedra. After parking your car you start to mount towards the peak. Various historical structures will be seen on both sides. You can sit on one of them and have a rest for a while. The height is nearly same with the height of Alanya Castle. There is a wonderful view and across is the blueness of the Mediterranean Sea and at the right side is the Alanya Peninsula with the castle walls. When you look at the left side you can see the part of D400 that goes towards Mersin -Adana, you can see Taurus Mountains and immense banana gardens. You'll understand why people call the area the banana depot of Alanya. The Oba district is mentioned as the orange depot of Alanya.

When you go on your trip you'll see the street covered with columns which came on the scene after the cleaning and arrangement studies of Alanya Museum Management and you'll see various mosaics inside the historical structures, historical water spring and cisterns, where water was stored. These cisterns are the biggest ones in Alanya. They are composed of 3 pools which have 8x12 dimensions and 8m depth. In old times they were indoor pools. Two of these pools still function. Water comes from historical water springs, gathers in these pools and peasants use the water to irrigate their vegetables and fruits. One of these three pools is out of order because a tree grew inside it. In old times when there are lots of jackals and foxes around, they used to fall into these pools so that peasants could easily catch them. While watching around don't forget to view the building style of the building which people call Kusakli Church. If you become thirsty you can drink cold fresh water from the historical water spring. Between 138 and 161 AC coins were minted in the names of Marcus Aurelius and Antonius. This is a proof that the area is from the Roman era. New excavations and investigations can bring a lot to Alanya.

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