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Leatres-learti ( Leartes ) Ruins

Leartes Ancient City general viewAlanya is like an outdoor museum and very often we can see remains of old cities on hills, slopes and in plain areas.Leartes should be examined in two separate parts: housing area and harbour.

Haşim Yetkin and Leartes RuinsLet's start with harbour. It's said that the big columns in the part called historical city were brought here by sea, as it was not possi-

ble to make them here in Alanya. Moreover it's said that the instruments and devices that were used in the historical city were brought by sea also. Remains in the harbour are devastated. You can access here either with your personal car, buses that belongs to Mahmutlar Municipality or shared taxis which you can find every hour. But in the harbour part (Naula) there isn't many things to see. At one side there are tall apartment blocks and on the other side there are green banana gardens. Between these two there are some structures which have lost their functions. But at least you can sit, have a rest and drink something in the cafes that you can find around here.

Now let's examine the housing area. Here is approximately 900m high from sea level. But you can not access here with buses or shared taxis. The road, which goes from the middle of Mahmutlar Town, goes to summer meadows of Alanya. One of the vicinities of Gozukucuklu Village is on this road. When you came to the coffee houses of this village the roar which goes towards west will take you to Leartes. It's a gravel road. That's why cars de luxe shouldn't be used. In spite of all these difficulties when you get there you'll forget your exhaustion. Especially in spring you can see a green forest, colorful and luscious flowers. Between steep slopes when you go ahead towards south on foot you'll find yourself in the street which is full of columns and which has the historical term pie. If Leartes would have been protected there would have been an amphitheater similar to the one in Aspendos and there would be a street covered with columns similar to the one in Perge. In a situation like that tourists would have visited Leartes even more. In spite of this situation, the structures which are still standing, the streets of the temple which are covered with columns, small amphitheater, cisterns, statues, marbles which are embellished with heads of ox and feet of eagles, mills that are built to produce

olive oil are worth seeing. It's known that coins were minted here in the name of Trayan and Empress Herennia Etruscill. But the best days for this area were between 1st century and 3rd century AC. Some documents were found which belong to 6th century BC. There are people who say the name of the harbour part is Naula. We all hope an excavation will reveal the facts as soon as possible.

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