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Karaburun - Mylome Justinianus

Karaburun Justinianus Port CityKaraburun is situated east of Alanya and 35 km far from Alanya. I think we should look over Karaburun in 3 phases. Its oldest known name is "Mylome". Karaburun is a peninsula. At south west of the peninsula there is a small island. On the west shores of the peninsula there is a part, from where fishermen stop by to take water. The historical artifacts in Karaburun are like treasure for us. It has a gorgeous view. On the peninsula there are pine trees and thickets and between these trees there are ruins. If you want to go to Karaburun you can access it from D400 highway and with a road that you'll follow from Okurcalar Town. If you stay in a hotel in Karaburun district you can climb to the peninsula from the golden beach. All settlement areas were embellished by every civilization that settles here since the Dark ages. Successors sometimes destroyed those works of art and sometimes protected them and enriched them. Karaburun is a lucky place as all the structures have been protected. The ruins in this seaboard city called Mylome got its share of pleasure from the Roman Emperor Justinianus' services in the fields of art and law who lived during the 5th and 6th centuries. He embellished Karaburun with lots of works of art. That  why Justinianus had the title of "the Great". After this era this district started to be called with the emperor's name. In this historical harbour Italian ships anchored and had a rest in the World War I. In March 1919 reserve officer Osman Cömert came from Sivas to Alanya to serve in the army. He and his soldiers came to Karaburun and fired the cannonball, which was put there beforehand. His goal was to shoot the Italian ships. But with a counter fire the Italians shot the cannonball into sea. The cannonball was taken out from the sea in 2003 and started to be exhibited in Alanya Museum. Osman Cömert married in Alanya and moved here. Galip Cömert and Dr. Bekir Cömert are his sons.

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