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Iotape ( Aytap ) Historical Harbour

Aytap (Iotape) Castlelotape is called amongst the citizens of Alanya as Aytap. It is located 30 km east of Alanya. It's along the D400 highway. It's a city which was founded by King of Seleucid Empire IV. Antiokhos was the name of his wife. IV. Antiokhos lived between 175 and 1,64 BC. The Roman Empire Traianus (AC 98-117) minted various coins here in the name of himself. This historical city was founded on a rocky and steep cliff. There is a small natural harbour at the south of the city with a very beautiful small bay. If you want you can go down to the bay and swim. You can realize easily that the number of the historical structures is more at the west of the bay. There is a small creek which flows from north towards south. There are two hillocks on both side of the creek with historical building. On the hillock at the east side there are sarcophaguses which still keep their features.There are also a Turkish bath and a temple on the peninsula. The church on the D400 highway which was built in the name of Emperor Trajanus is worth to see. The most delicious bananas of Alanya are cultivated. I recommend you to climb to the top of the peninsula to watch the spectacular panoramic view.

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