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Hamoxia ( Sinek Castle )

When Queen of Egypt VII. Cleopatra, who lived between BC 69 and 30, married Antonius he gave her Hamoxia (Sinek Castle) as a gift. Hamoxia is full of junipers. Today this place is inside the borders of Elikesik Village and it is named Sinek Castle or Direkli Fountain. At the south of the castle by the seaside there is a small bay. In old times junipers in this district, which were used in ship building, were logged, shipped and taken to Egypt. In this district there is also a small island. Its name is Cakal Island. The word "Cakal" means jackal in Turkish. Once upon a time, a jackal ended up on this island and gave birth to baby jackals. The jackal used to go to mainland everyday to find food for the babies and then turn back to the island. That's why the name of this island is Cakal Island. In the castle there are structures which are remainings from its era. There are ruins which succeeded to survive from the 2nd

century A.C. until today. Here is one of Alanya's oldest fountains. (Citizens of this district have named the fountain "Direkli Fountain"). This historical fountain is worth to see. There is a way which goes to the castle passing near the fountain. This way is composed of stairs which were built by carving out hard rocks. It's very difficult to climb these stairs and to enter the castle. Some parts of this way are covered with thorn bushes. In spite of all these difficulties I climbed these stairs till the peak, had a rest there and watched the glory of Alanya Castle and blueness of the Mediterranean Sea. It's necessary to build a road for this castle. At the south of Sinek Castle there is Emirgan-Ulas-Okuzburnu Refresment Area on D400 highway. It was named Emirgan when the building of D400 highway was going on. After the opening of this highway the name of Ulas was given, because Ulas was the name of one of the engineers who worked in the building of D400 highway. Before D400, the name of the highway was Öküzburnu. The word Öküzburnu means the nose of an ox in Turkish. If you look to this refreshment area from sea you can realize that it really looks like a nose of an ox. In hot summerdays you can swim and sunbath in its golden beach. Moreover you can have picnic while sitting around the tables and grill in the special fireplaces.

D400 highway opened with great efforts of Alanya Course Project Engineering in 1 May 1995. D400 highway is Alanya's heart and Alanya's window that opens to the world. Alanya's exit was (in west side) one of the biggest cracks in Turkey. Its first covering with asphalt was made in 1957. Nowadays a widening operation is going on here. It's going to be a two lane road. There are 3 ongoing tunnel buildings in Tekandiz, Ulas and Akhan districts. We all wish these buildings will be finished as soon as possible.

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