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Antique Cities & Ruins

For a country's development and growth the most important features are language, religion, feelings, thoughts, art styles and living standards. These features should be closely connected to each other and citizens of this country should set these features on a sound basis like their inheritance. But today means of access and communication are trying to globalize the world. Although most of the world adopt these technologies all these features above prevent this situation to happen. According to the studies and investigations that Prof. Dr. Kilic Kökten made in 1957 the starting point of Alanya's culture goes back until the Dark ages. Alanya was the cradle of lots of civilizations, tribes, empires, beyliks, and the most important since the beginning of 13th century; it has been the cradle of Turks and their long-established and rich culture. The historical seaboard cities which were estabished in centuries before Christ and after Christ increased their prosperity to the top thanks to maritime business. But when their ships were destroyed they were conquered one by one and vanished. In Alanya, both by the seaside and in the mountains, there are lots of historical cities. I will introduce you the ones which are accessible. I want to tell the names of the  cities  which   have   problems   in   accessing Asartepe (Pisarissos) in Karaboynuzlar Village, ruins in Kayabasi Village, Asartepe (Marassos) in Demirtas Town in Buyukpinar district, Cokele Ruins in Kusyuvasi district, statue of Heracles and ather ruins in Camlıca (Killi) Village and historical castle in Kizilcasehir Village.

Leatres-learti ( Leartes ) Ruins Leatres-learti ( Leartes ) Ruins
Alanya is like an outdoor museum and very often we can see remains of old cities on hills, slopes and in plain areas.Leartes should be examined in two separate parts: housing area and harbour. Let's start with harbour. It's said that the big columns in the part called historical city were...

Iotape ( Aytap ) Historical Harbour Iotape ( Aytap ) Historical Harbour
lotape is called amongst the citizens of Alanya as Aytap. It is located 30 km east of Alanya. It's along the D400 highway. It's a city which was founded by King of Seleucid Empire IV. Antiokhos was the name of his wife. IV. Antiokhos lived between 175 and 1,64 BC. The...

Kibyra Cibyra ( Alara Castle ) Kibyra Cibyra ( Alara Castle )
It was settled on a funnel shaped hill behind Alara Caravanserai that we mentioned before. It has an interesting building style. You can mount to the peak from the road full of turns and tunnels. This pointed hill is surrounded with lacy castle walls. It's not known when and by whom...

Hamoxia ( Sinek Castle ) Hamoxia ( Sinek Castle )
When Queen of Egypt VII. Cleopatra, who lived between BC 69 and 30, married Antonius he gave her Hamoxia (Sinek Castle) as a gift. Hamoxia is full of junipers. Today this place is inside the borders of Elikesik Village and it is named Sinek Castle or Direkli Fountain. At the south...

Karaburun - Mylome Justinianus Karaburun - Mylome Justinianus
Karaburun is situated east of Alanya and 35 km far from Alanya. I think we should look over Karaburun in 3 phases. Its oldest known name is "Mylome". Karaburun is a peninsula. At south west of the peninsula there is a small island. On the west shores of the peninsula there...

Syedra Ruins Syedra Ruins
Syedra was settled on a hill which is on the border between Kargicak Town and Seki Village. It is at the east of the city center and 23km far from center. We should examine this historical city in two parts. The first part is the harbour part which is called Adatas...

Ptolemais (aynalı Lake - Golcuk Fugla) Ptolemais (aynalı Lake - Golcuk Fugla)
    It is 20 km far from Alanya and stays inside the borders of Avsallar and Türkler Towns. In its magnificent era its name was Ptolemais but today we call it Aynali Lake, Golcuk or Fugla. Today this small city has lost all of its characteristics. Ptolemais was a settlement...

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