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Alanya Shipyard (tersane)

Shipyard and Red TowerSultan Aladdin Keykubat had started the shipyard construction to make his dream to become real and become "the sultan of two seas" two years after the construction of the tower. At the north side of the shipyard there is an epigraph and at the left side of the epigraph there is a small mosque, at the right side there is a dormitory for the soldiers. When you enter you can see the small holes, each one of them is 7.70 in width and 42.30 in length. These holes are tied to each other with arcs. One of these holes used to be a well. But now it is filled with waste. There is a parade to the Arsenal, and the villagers call it "the pit of hell". A foreign writer says: "it is the most famous work of art in the world and Alanya. I think that this shipyard is the only shipyard of the Seljuks."Shipyard and Tophane district

This shipyard was active during the Ottoman period. In 1361, when the King of Cyprus invaded Antalya, the Ruler of Alaiye sent ships to

Antalya Ruler Mahmut. Moreover he agreed with other Turkish Rulers and sent their navy to Cyprus. At that time there were good ship masters. But today it is abandoned to loneliness and it is trying to still stand. We think that these works of arts have to be restored. I still remember when the shipyard was used by the sailors.

Aspect of shipyard
Soğuk door which is near the shipyard
Alanya Shipyard

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