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Alanya peninsula and CastleAlanya Castle (Alanya Kalesi) is a medieval castle in the southern Turkish city of Alanya. Most of the castle was built in the 13th century under the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm following the city's conquest in 1220 by Alaeddin Keykubad I as part of a building campaign that included the Kızıl Kule. This castle was built on the remnants of earlier Byzantine era and Roman era fortifications. The castle is located 250 meters high on a rocky peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea which protects it from three sides. After the area was pacified under the Ottoman Empire, the castle ceased to be purely defensive, and numerous villas were built inside the walls during the 19th century.

Today the building is a open air museum. Access to the seaward castle is ticketed, but much of the area inside the wall, including the landward castle is open to the general public.

Alanya sunset and Castle Castle and Traveller ship

Virtual Tour

Interior Castle Ehmedek and Alanya view

Alanya Castle southwest side

South of Alanya Castle

Center of Interior Alanya Castle


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19.07.2011 - 11:05:25
Perfect site, ı cant wait when ı will be in alanya!

20.03.2011 - 03:15:23
Oh my goodness!!! this is the perfect site! ıt is great because you can move to different spots to see all of the area. ıts gorgeous. ı love that you can zoom in to look at the ships on the water, and to see the beautiful nature, flowers, trees and such. thank you, ı have recommended the page to several of my friends. :)

15.02.2009 - 03:16:47
I'm fully impressed with this virtual tour. Nice work!

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