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The Alanya beach, bordering a town of the same name, lies 115 km to the east of Antalya. The beach is very popular among both local and foreign tourists by dint of its endless stretches of sand, the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the rich heritage of the Alanya town, which was once the seat of the Seljuk Turks.

Summer is the peak tourist season whence, many tourists board an inexpensive flight to Antalya and then take a bus to Analya. Many hotels have sprung up in the beach area and accommodation need not be a headache.

Cleopatra Beach Cleopatra Beach
This is a beach looking like a small pool, placed in the Alanya cape near the Korsanlar grounded by the rocks.It is opened to the public. The umbrellas and the beds here are due to payment.There are fast foods buffets.

Damlatas Beach Damlatas Beach
It is near the Cleopatra beach, going towards the West for about the entrance is free.The umbrellas and the beds are due to payment. there are fastfood buffets.

Keykubat Beach Keykubat Beach

Portakal Beach Portakal Beach

İncekum Beach İncekum Beach

Other Beaches Other Beaches


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27.06.2009 - 16:27:07
Although ı love turkey to bits, the discharge from the boats is quite disgusting and spoils the beautiful sea round kleopatra beach. every morning when the armada of boat trips start, a steady stream of effluent appears in the sea. ı have seen the same thing at olu deniz where there is a boom across the bay to try in vain to keep the mess away from bathers. surely the authorities in the harbour can fine boats for this disgusting way of emptying their bilges!

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