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The Death Of Alaaddin Keykubat

Red TowerBefore going to Damascus expedition, countless soldiers who gathered in Kayseri (Meshediye) came together in a fair ground. Throughout 3 days and 3 nights they had fun, they ate and drank. At the last day of this entertainment Casnigir Nasiruddin Ali brought a roasted chicken and chopped it. After Sultan ate a few pieces some changes happened in his condition. People rushed from one place to another. They took Sultan to the Keykubadiye Palace. They made him vomit but it made no good and he died in 1237. His corpse was taken to Konya and buried next to his predecessors. There are several other stories about Sultan's death. The cause of his death is either a murder or a food poisoning called Batilismus. Sometimes stale meet can include big amounts of this poison.  Gundel and his friends say this in their book Leipzig 1935: "Just a little piece from this meet will surely kill you." According to another story Sultan was poisoned by his 17 year old son from Kirfart's sister Mahperi.

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