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Kolonoros Period

Kolonoros Period 419At the time of the incursions of the State of Islam against Roman Empire, Kolonoros continued its independence. Because it was too difficult to conquer Kolonoros. Some historians claim that Arabs came here and as a proof of this claim they show Sitti Zeynep Tomb. They claim that this tomb belongs to Zeynep, granddaughter of Imam Hussein (third of the 12 imams after the death of the Prophet Muhammad). Some people say that there was nobody called Zeynep among Imam Hussein's grandchildren. They say this lodge was built in Ottoman Era by Bektashis with a spiteful action against the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad. According to another hearsay she was one of the daughters of Imam Zeynel Abidin (forth of the 12 imams after the death of the Prophet Muhammad) who went to Hedjaz to visit the Prophet Muhammad but saw this death.

It's a truth that Arabs besieged Byzantines who lived by this coast. The Seljuk Empire would benefit from this situation and it would become easy for them to conquer the area. Sitti Zeynep Tomb is an example of Ottoman Architecture in Alanya. But before this tomb was built here there was 3 carved graves left from Byzantines under this tomb. After the Seljuk Empire conquered Antalya they believed that they had to conquer Kolonoros too to have the pos session of the Mediterranean. Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat charged Ertokus Bey to annex this castle into the borders of the Seljuk Empire. After Ertokus Bey reported the situation of Kolonoros Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat ordered him to start to make arrangements to conquer Kolonoros. The army set out for Kolonoros and garrisoned the town. According to the orders of Sultan plans were

made. At first they told the commander of Castle, Kirfart, to surrender before shedding blood. But he didn't accept this and started to resist. Seljuks attacked for 2 months but couldn't succeed. One day Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat prayed to God and after this pray he dreamed about a venerable man and he said: "It's too difficult to conquer and go inside this castle. No war is made. But God will be with you. To conquer this castle will fall to your share." After this dream the Sultan woke up happily. He called all eminent statesmen for a meeting. They all thought this dream was a forerunner of a victory. With the order of Sultan 100 ox, 1000 sheep and an amount of money were dealed out to the poor. After the army made all preparations they proceeded to a big attack.

Kirfat, the commander of the castle, noticed that they had no power to make war after the big attack and he understood that there was no other solution than to surrender. As a neighbor Mubarizittin, the ruler of Antalya, intervened. He informed that if they didn't hurt Kirfart and his people they would surrender and they wouldn't hurt anybody. Kirfart felt very happy because of this news and opened the gates of the castle himself. Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat gave him a town in Konya district and made him live there till the end of his life and Keykubat got married with his daughter Hand (Mahperi Sultan).

There are stories about the conquest of Alanya Castle. According to one of these stories the name of Alanya Castle is Goat Castle. After a 4 month surrounding Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat understood that they couldn't conquer this city with the army. He ordered his people to gather all goats in that area. One night he made his people to attach tinder to each horn of every goat. He ordered to light all tinder and to attack the castle gates. When  Kirfart saw bustle of constables of the castle he understood the seriousness of the situation and ordered to open the gates.

After the victory Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat changed the name of the city as Alaiye. While the army was going towards Antalya with the joy of the victory, Sultan saw Alara Castle, which is 35km far to the city center. He ordered to conquer this castle. The commander of the castle was the brother of Kirfart. Keykubat sent an emissary to explain the end of his brother. He died because of this news and his people had to surrender. Nine years later according to the order of Sultan a caravansaray was built to the outskirts of this castle. Alarahan became the beginning of the heyday of Alaiye Seljuks. These great buildings which couldn't be fretted during all those centuries are still standing.

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