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Conquest Of Alanya By The Ottomans

Aspect of Alanya from the EhmedekKaramanogullar  Beylik (dynasty) always thought that they were successor of Seljuks. That's why they couldn't get along with Ottoman Beylik. The first war between Karamanogullari and Ottomans started in 1387 during the reign of I. Murat. It continues 10 years later in 1397 with Yildirim Bayezid. With this attack they eradicated Karamanogullari. After Ankara War in 1402 which was made between Turks, Bayezid was defeated. Timur first created a conflict between the princes of all Beyliks and then gave all of them their independence. Among these independent Beyliks, Beys (chieftain) of Karamanogullari Mehmet and Ali were released from prison. Mehmet invaded and damaged Bursa and ravaged a part of the city. But he couldn't get his revenge and opened the grave of Bayezid, who killed his father, and treaded Bayezid's bones under his foot. While this situation was going on like this, an incident happened between Konya and Alaiye, it became the straw that broke the camel's back. Mehmet the Conqueror ordered to invade Alaiye. First he charged Rum Mehmet Pasha for this duty but he couldn't succeed, as his wife was sister of Alaiye's chieftain. In 1471 the Ottomans conquered Alaiye without a war with the leading of Gedik Ahmet Pasha.

In those days harbour of Alanya was very important. Ships of Arabs and Frenks used to come by here and this was not helpful for the Ottomans at all. To have an absolute sovereignty at the south coasts of Anatolia, conquest of Alaiye was obligatory. In those days there was a Bey named Kilic Arslan in Alaiye who accepted the protection of the Mamluks. After the Seljuk Empire was laid low, Alaiye came into possession of Karamanogullari. In 1427 or 1428 Karamanogullari sold Alaiye to the Mamluks. After this date a Beylik in the administration of Mamluks formed here. Kilic Arslan was the last chieftain of this Beylik. Without a war Kilic Arslan surrendered the city to Gedik Ahmet Pasha. As a return for Alaiye they gave Kilic Arslan Gumulcine County.

Kilic Arslan got very upset when they gave him Gumulcine as a return for Alaiye. Because Alaiye had good revenue but Gumulcine's revenue wasn't so good. One day he found an opportunity and escaped to Egypt which was the land of the Mamluks. He escaped with a ship that he boarded from Kavala. I would like to give information about the condition of Gedik Ahmet Pasha also. After the death of Mehmet the Conqueror, Cem Sultan and Bayezid had a conflict. In this conflict Gedik Ahmet Pasha took the side of Cem Sultan. Because of this Bayezid imprisoned him and had him killed. During the Ottoman Era, even in its weakest times, no enemies stepped in the lands of Alaiye. While all lands of Alaiye was being invaded by enemies before the Independence war, Rampart which is inside of the castlein 28 March 1919 Italian navy who settled down in Antalya Harbor entered Alaiye and made citizens of Alaiye accept some text they had prepared. During the I. World War Antalya was bombed several times. After Italians invaded Antalya they adopted policy of expansion. Because of this policy they moved toward Manavgat and Alaiye. They came till Side and Karaburun. This expansion continued to gain speed from 28 March 1919 till June 1919. In this course of time they came to Alaiye and bombed the residential area of Alaiye from the district called Kalearkasi. A few houses were damaged with these bombs. But no death took place as most of the citizens were in the summer meadows. When ships came to the harbour they fired cannonballs a few times to frighten people. According to the sayings of the elder there were gangs which were bucking even authorities of government. When the gangs named Karazor, Kolluca and Guneyli Mevlut Efendi came together and allied with citizens Italians couldn't find a chance to disembark and returned back. In brief, Alanya became Turkish in 1221 and after that year enemies could never step on these lands. About this subject my mother used to tell me a story. One cannonball that were fired from the district called Kalearkasi, hit a corner of her house. It created a big hole there. So for long years people named

the place as the hole of the can  Here I would like to mention martyrs from Alanya who died while serving their state. When we look to the historical records we see that in the reign of Ottoman Sultan 4. Mehmet (1657) Bey of Alaiye Captain Kucuk Mehmet and his men fought hand by hand in the Dardanelles operation under the command    of    Grand    Vizier Koprulu Mehmet Pasha. Countless soldiers martyred there. After this operation Grand Vizier called Captain Kucuk Mehmet to the palace, kissed him and gave him his sable fur. He also gave him a war veteran hat, 200 gold and a bag of kurus (kurus is the smallest monetary unit). He wanted him to split this money between other war veterans. Our shipyard played an important role in rebuilding our navy which was destroyed in the Battle of Lepanto. A big marble memorial was built in the Belgrade Forests to commemorate martyrs from Alanya in Crimean War at the reign of Abdulaziz. In Balkan War, in 1st Catalca Combat, in 17 November 1912 150 soldiers, 7 army officers martyred. One of these martyrs was my mothers father Hacicavusoglu Mevlut. This war is very important for Alanya's history. May Allah rest their souls in peace.

In my childhood I used to hear from the elder that in Hedjaz people used to write elegies for people who went to the deserts of Yemen and died there. I don't know if you have ever been there but when you go to Canakkale War Cemetery you can see gravestones of martyrs from Alanya. The number of people who went to Korea in Republican era and fought there with Chinese and Russian soldiers and became war veterans is also very high. In recent years young soldiers from Alanya fought with terrorist at the east, southeast of Turkey and beyond the borders. Some of them lost their arms, legs or etc. or

died. In 1992 a soldier named Ahmet Gundogmus martyred in an operation beyond the borders. At the time of his funeral Alanya Municipality prepared a war cemetery and after this year all martyrs buried here. May Allah rest their souls in peace.

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