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Ataturk's Visit To Alanya

After September 12 1980 Ataturk's principles and revolutions and where he went for country tours came to order and our Alanya searched for more information. In Mehmet Onder's book published by Publishing house of is Bankasi in 1975 the month February was written with roman numerals. It was perceived like 11 because there were no lines. I was in one of the meetings held

on those days, I brought a photo with me as a document. Dr. Latif Kemal Reisoglu who was a head of department in Court of Appeals gave me to make copies. At the back of that small photo it was written 18 February 1935. Later I sent that photo to my relative who was working as an architect in England London Municipality to make it enlarged. So it was certain that the date was 18 Februry 1935. This photo is now in Alanya Ataturk Museum. Turkish History Professor Afet inan's father is appointed as a forest officer when Italians invaded Antalya. At that time Afet inan is a student in primary school known as girls school. She must have liked too much Alanya as she mentions Alanya in the journals of Ankara Girl High School in 1919-1920 and 1935-1937. Whenever she met Ataturk she told him about Alanya. She said to him that why don't you have a mension in Alanya like Sultan Alaaddin. Ataturk promised to her that he would go and see there. Because of Mussolini's explanations about Twelve Island Ataturk set out with the Ege Boat in 13th February 1935. When he came to izmir he ordered Salt Halman, who was the commander of the destroyers which accompanied them, to follow a very close route to the islands. After he thought about the maps he sent a telegram that he would be in Alanya on 19 february. In 1930, according to the promise in Aspendos, the route was Alanya. On 18 february 1935 he came to Alanya with Nuri Conker, Kilic Ali, his assistant, Cevdet Tolga and his barber Mehmet. One person from the Committee asked a soldier if there was a coffee house: the soldier says that there was (Late Mehmet Efendi was the first hotelier of our Alanya): He recognized Ataturk and called for the lieutenant colonel. At that time he was living next to the Bostancibasi Street (now Sinanoglu Market).

The authorities of Alanya met immediately. They went to Late Tevfik Azakoglu's house with Ataturk. This house was later given to the Ministry of Culture by Rifat Azakoglu as an Ataturk Museum and was opened by the period's president on 30.04.1987. After Ataturk rests, he eats his breakfast and shaves. He is informed about the problems of Alanya. People from Alanya and Obakoy come and show their love to Ataturk. On his road to the house where he was hosted he talks with people. He asked one of them where he was from and he answered Alaiye. Ataturk said: "No, here is Alanya not Alaiye". He asked another person from Alanya if his fabric, knitted from wool, were knitted by them and the villager says yes: He is pleased by this answer. While he was leaving from Alanya he talked to a villager who gave him two case of mandarin. Ataturk asks him whether they grow these and again he was pleased by the answer yes. Hami Arikan (the lieutenant colonel of that period ) awarded the villager for his attitude. These memories about Ataturk are compiled in 1984 with the help of Alanya Mayor Mustakbel Dim, member of the Court of Appeals Cemal Jan, my classmate Deputy Late Ali Dizdaroglu, between the years of 1930-1936 Ziraat Bank the government employee Adil Gunes, and my dear fellow citizen internist Late Dr. Bekir Comert. With a telegram Ataturk implied his pleasure about Alanya and people from Alanya:



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