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The proof of Alanya's being a host to humanity since ancient times was found by Prof. Dr. Kilinc Kokten in 1957 in Kadiini Cave which is a bounder between Bademagaci Village and Oba Town. These proofs were human skeletons and fossils. When I took scientists from Hacettepe University to Kadiini Cave in 1993 they said these skeletons were analyzed in America and it's confirmed that even in Dark Age's people made some changes on skulls. If you want to visit this cave, using Cikcilli Hacibaba Street you go to Kadipinari Picnic. There you can have a rest, eat and drink something and then climb that steep slope. When you see the cave you may have a little trip to ancient times.

As an heir of a rich history Alanya thought sometimes to be a part of Cilicia and sometimes a part of Pamphylia. The father of histo ry, Herodotus said the following things about this region: "People living in this region moved and settled here after the Trojan War (B.C 1820) and some of the societies hosted these people." During the first half of B.C. 14th century Hittite Empire came to this region and killed 6 thousand people and annexed Cilicia and Pamphylia. The word Pamphylia means composed of various races, various kinds. Fruitfulness of our county's soils, thickness of our forests, and steep sides of Taurus Mountains which dike in front of the shoreline drew attention of passengers and made most of them to stay here.

Do you realize that this still goes on today? Currently, the number of people moved and settled down in Alanya from Europe is 5000-6000. Moreover Alanya Municipality has prepared a special graveyard for them. Alanya had 4 different names throughout its history. Let's go through these names:

Coracesium Period Coracesium Period
Between the years B. C 224-118 the entire Cilicia was invaded by Great Antiocus. Only Coracesium could carry on its independence, because it was difficult to lay a siege and conquer this city. They became so developed that they could oppose challengingly to the Kingdom of Syria. After that moment they...

Kolonoros Period Kolonoros Period
At the time of the incursions of the State of Islam against Roman Empire, Kolonoros continued its independence. Because it was too difficult to conquer Kolonoros. Some historians claim that Arabs came here and as a proof of this claim they show Sitti Zeynep Tomb. They claim that this tomb belongs...

The Death Of Alaaddin Keykubat The Death Of Alaaddin Keykubat
Before going to Damascus expedition, countless soldiers who gathered in Kayseri (Meshediye) came together in a fair ground. Throughout 3 days and 3 nights they had fun, they ate and drank. At the last day of this entertainment Casnigir Nasiruddin Ali brought a roasted chicken and chopped it. After Sultan ate...

Conquest Of Alanya By The Ottomans Conquest Of Alanya By The Ottomans
Karamanogullar  Beylik (dynasty) always thought that they were successor of Seljuks. That's why they couldn't get along with Ottoman Beylik. The first war between Karamanogullari and Ottomans started in 1387 during the reign of I. Murat. It continues 10 years later in 1397 with Yildirim Bayezid. With this attack they eradicated...

Alaiye's Becoming Alanya Alaiye's Becoming Alanya
As Great Ataturk travelled in Turkey he never used to forget to visit Antalya. Citizens of Alaiye heard that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was going to come to visit Aspendos in 9 March 1930. A committee consisting of Nazmi Dogan, Huseyin Gucuoglu, Mehmet Ali Kemaloglu, Fuat Salur, Sukru Ulusoy and Zihni Acikalin...

Ataturk's Visit To Alanya Ataturk's Visit To Alanya
After September 12 1980 Ataturk's principles and revolutions and where he went for country tours came to order and our Alanya searched for more information. In Mehmet Onder's book published by Publishing house of is Bankasi in 1975 the month February was written with roman numerals. It was perceived like 11...

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