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Agricultural Equipments and Agrochemicals (14)Air Conditioner Cooling Systems (40)
Aluminium Joinery (19)Apartment Home Service (10)
Architects (98)Art and Art Galleries (4)
Attorneys (138)Authorized Services (12)
Automotive Industry (21)Bakery (2)
Bakery Ice Cream Products (25)Banks (28)
Banyo Mutfak Malzemeleri (4)Bar Disco Cafe (34)
Bijouterie and Perfumery (8)Broker (18)
Bus Transportation (62)Butchers (16)
Butik Örgü Triko-Kumaş (13)Carpenter (2)
Carpet Stores (10)Car Resellers (10)
Car Wash Services (9)Catering (4)
Chambers (4)Change Offices (15)
Chemical Dye Industry (7)Cigarette Tobacco Alcohol Shop (3)
Cleaning Services (51)Clubs Clubhouses (2)
Coffee Houses & Water Pipe Cafe (3)Coil Winding (6)
Computer Software and Hardware (107)Concrete Cement (7)
Confection Stores (3)Construction Building (106)
Construction Hardware (30)Consulting for Department of Motor Vehicle (4)
Cosmetics (15)Courses (13)
Courses and Schools (7)Dairy Products (3)
Decoration Internal Design (19)Demir Çelik Metal Sanayii (17)
Dentists (43)Diving (7)
Doctors (25)Döşeme Branda Çadır Ürünleri (7)
Driving Schools (12)Dry Cleaning (13)
Dry Fruite and Candy (6)Electrical and Electronic Equipment (80)
Engineers (17)Excavation Services (5)
Financial Advisors (123)Fire Extingusher Services (5)
Fire Place Stove Services (2)Florist (21)
Food and Market Services (18)Fuel Gas and Oil Products (5)
Furnishings Dry Goods (21)Furniture Shop (68)
Garden Plants (2)Gas Stations (11)
Glasses and Optics (10)Glass Mirror Frame Products (8)
Glassware (3)Government Offices (27)
Granite Marble Onyx Products (13)Greengrocer's (5)
Hairdresser Beauty Salon (42)Handcrafts (6)
Heating Services (2)Heating Systems (16)
Hırdavat Sanayii (11)Hospitals (30)
Hotel Apart Holiday Village (198)Hotel Equipments (10)
Hunting and Fishing Equipments (10)Hurda Sanayii (4)
Import Export Companies (2)Insurance Agents (49)
Isolation Services (5)Jeneratör Akü Pil Ürünleri (2)
Jewellery (77)Kaporta Sanayi (2)
Kargo Courier Services (19)Kids Clothing (5)
Kindergarten (22)Kiremit Tuğla Sanayii (2)
Laboratory (1)Landscaping (2)
Leather Industry (22)Lift Elevator Industry (20)
Lighting and Lighting Equipments (6)Locksmith (11)
Lottery Vendors (1)LPG Gas Services (16)
Maintanence Services (17)Malls Supermarket (15)
Maternity and Baby Clothing (6)Medical Goods and Equipment (12)
Mines and Mining (2)Mobile Phones (17)
Motorcycle and Cycle Resellers (6)Musical Instruments and Services (7)
Non-profit-making Organisations (19)Office Supplies (2)
Organizasyon Eğlence Hizmetleri (20)Other (31)
Packaging Wrapping Industry (8)Pet Store (8)
Pharmacies (123)Phones (13)
Photography Studios (18)Picnic Site  (12)
Pilgrimage Products (3)Pipe Industry (3)
Plaster Decoration (9)Plastics and Rubber Industry (1)
Plumbing Services (29)Political Parties (9)
Poolrooms Card Rooms Internet Cafe (7)Pool Sauna Jakuzi Chemicals (13)
Printing Publishing (28)Pvc Window and Door Joinery (32)
Radio and Television (3)Real Estate Agents (343)
Refrigeration Plants Equipments (25)Rehabilation (Rehab) Clinics (2)
Reklam Ajansları Matbaalar Basımevleri (56)Rent A Car Rentals Transfer (76)
Restaurant Fast Food (137)Rest Nursery Home (1)
Roofing Services (7)Satellite Products (6)
Schools University College (56)Seafood (2)
Security Alert and Protection Systems (24)Security Services (7)
Ses Görüntü Sistemleri (2)Shoe and Bag Stores (15)
Sighboard (5)Silver Stores (18)
Solar Energy Systems (21)Souvenir Shops (9)
Spice and Herbalist (2)Sport Centers and Fields (10)
Stationary Book Store (5)Steel Front Door Safe (5)
Sulama Sistemleri (3)Tailors and Dressmakers (3)
Tarım-Tohum Sanayii (6)Tatto Piercing (6)
Taxi Companies (57)Telecommunication Services (23)
Textile Clothing Industry (42)Toy Shops (5)
Translation Offices (13)Transportation Companies (39)
Travel Agency (79)Trousseau (5)
Turkish Bath Spa and Masage Centers (5)Underwear and Swimming Suits (7)
Used Household Goods (1)Üniforma Hizmetleri (2)
Vcd Dvd Music Movie (4)Vehicle a Wrecker (4)
Veterinarians, Animal Hospitals (20)Watch Sales and Repairs (2)
Web Design Internet (28)Wedding Organization (9)
Wedding Saloon (6)White Goods Stores (20)
Wholesale Retail Services (38)Wood Lumber Industry (9)
Wrought Iron  (4)


Depo-Anbar HizmetleriHububat Ürünleri
Torna Tesviye SanayiiDormitories
Nikelaj SanayiiCoachwork Industry
Un Yem SanayiiHayvan Besicilik Tesisleri
Döküm Sanayii

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